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Foreword by Dr. Ron Elmore, Psy.d;

Over the years I have consistently encountered two types of people in ministry--the prepared and the unprepared. Those who have been prepared for ministry inevitably are able to minister effectively as a result of their years of preparation. But for every one who has been prepared, there's another who's not been adequately prepared, and is, therefore, far less effective than they might otherwise have been.

I have always thought that it would be tremendously useful if a ministry guide existed that would point out the essential characteristics vital to one’s success in serving; a simple guidebook offering practical insight and inspiration for a life of extraordinary service.
Certainly, such a book would be tailor-made for those who sincerely want to serve but are clueless as to where to start. And, it would be no less helpful to those who are presently serving and aiming to sharpen their skill and minister even more effectively. Many point to the Bible as that resource--and it is! But I’m sure all will agree that we can greatly benefit from sound teaching that illuminates the Bible’s profound truths and spurs us on to act on them.

This was the catalyst for this book. While seasoned leaders may already know what are the essential personal characteristics needed for ministry and service, those humbly seeking an opportunity to serve may not. Thus, there is a great need for such instruction. Kevin Bond has provided just that.

His concise, empowering book is aptly entitled, “A Servant's Guide from a Servant's Heart: Ministry from A to Z." I pray that will not only read it, but also apply each and every quality he’s so richly detailed here.





These are but a few of the reviews from Kevin’s new book, “A Servant’s Guide From A Servant’s Heart.”

Dr. Thomas Irvin in Germany wrote:

I did read the book and found it to be very uplifting and right down my alley. It applies not only to the Church ministry but certainly everyday as I minister to people and with colleagues in health care in all aspects of life. It was easy to read with applications that quite appropriate and understandable.. Which alphabets applied to ME? They all did. Thank you very much!

Jeanne Lewis in Germany wrote:

First, let me say thank you for writing such a blessed book. I really enjoyed reading it and probably appreciated it more because I was able to sit and listen to your heart in the workshop. Another fitting title could have been 'A Servants Guide From the Heart of God." I was listening to Bishop Kenneth Ulmer on TBN last week with Benny, and one of the things He said is that "God is calling a generation to walk in His character" and that " God is calling us back to holiness". Your book is right in line with that. Derek Prince defines the holiness of God as "the essence of what God is". In order to understand the essence of God, we have to understand who God is and what He is like, especially since He said "be ye holy, for I am Holy". I see the definition of that in the chapters of your book: God is: Love, Kindness, Dependability, Gentleness, Patience, Justice, etc.. I think this book is an outstanding tool to promote excellence in ministry (in any capacity). May God give you uncommon favor and open many doors of opportunity to share this word with the masses. May He plow the ground of the hard hearted that are deceived into thinking that their gifting is all that's required and cause this word to be planted. Thanks for being a vessel in the Master's Hand. As I told you at the Workshop, "We need more like you". Peace and Prosperity,

Bishop Lawrence L. Hancock, Sr. wrote:

You don't want to miss this great resource! This is a great tool for growing believers moving from "church" to advancing the Kingdom of God! Buy your copy today!

Monica Jackson wrote:

Mr. Bonds your book is EXCELLENT!!! Before I began reading aloud in the worship ambiance, we (me & hubby) prayed that God will give us the receptive hearts to receive the words of direction & instruction. I would like for you to know chastening came along with that as we were discussing the things that we can do better in & work on. We would just like to THANK U for being that Servant that the Almighty one used in this time to minister to our family. We pray many more blessings upon you & your gifts. Continue to pray for us as we walk upright before our Father in heaven & become those Servants that He is needing in this hour. GOD bless you Chief Levite Love your Sister-In-Christ

Kelton Wrote:

From opening the mailbox this evening to reading the last page as I walked out of Barnes & Nobles - Thank you! It was a "self evaluation" that I needed. I thank God for the vision and for the things that he has birthed from you. Sometimes, I pick up books and it is soo thick that I wonder if I will gain the insight I need. The insight needed today; and not after long periods of intermittent sessions of reading. Your book has transformed me. It not only forced me to look at my weaknesses, but it also opened my eyes to things I simply didn't think about. However, it was well worth it! I just want to say thank you!

Marion Wrote:

Good Morning, I received my books yesterday…thanks so much. It’s has already blessing Me…it seems it was written especially for me. I am a work in progress you Are a great role model and my prayer for one day to be the Levite that God have me to be. I can’t wait to order more to give as gifts. Thanks so much Blessings to you and yours!! Deaconess Pat Hunt wrote: Dear Elder Bond, Thanks so much for autographing a copy for me. I heard your interview on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show on 103.9 FM in Philadelphia and knew that your book was the tool for us. Our pastor has been teaching the leadership team about what true Christian leadership really means. I was driving when I heard the show and then couldn’t remember the details. I emailed the station and asked that they send me the title and the author (all I could remember was Bond and Christian leadership). Praise God that they followed through immediately and we will have the package before Christmas. The Deaconess Ministry of Union Baptist Church will be using your book for our study in 2008. Our music ministry and Pastor will also receive a copies as gifts. May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ continue to bless you and the ministry He has gifted you to do. Your sister in Christ

Min DJ Wrote:

I just finished reading the entire book cover to cover and must tell anyone considering picking it up...just do it. This is not a chest thumping or name-dropping book of self aggrandizement or chest thumping. If you’re looking for good ol’ church stuff, this isn’t the book for you. This book is about service—true leadership and is a good life blue print for use outside of ministry and in everyday life. Kudos to the Chief Musician for providing a great, simple step book that gets right to the point from the first pages. Shalom,

Rosemary Wrote:

I Love The Book! Last century in the 80's and 90"s I read 2 decision-impacting books specifically addressing leadership, "Exploring Worship, a practical guide..." and "Jesus CEO ... for visionary leadership." I mention these 2 books because they were of the "go back to over and over" variety. I think your book is a practical guide for visionary leadership in the 21st century. Because this century the pendulum has swung way over in ministry leadership so that success equals "super star" status, we have forgotten that leaders are called to SERVE. Though your book can be read in one sitting, it Must be re-read many times until we begin to reflect the characteristics A-Z illuminated in each chapter. Namelesness - Oh my! I welcome your book into its place beside my other decision-impacting literature. Both can help to bring us back to a true place of balance in God's design. It's a great book, a beautiful read, and a divinely timed release!

Jamie Murphy Wrote:

Kevin, I praise god for your life. I am deeply grateful to god for allowing me to receive the fruit of just one of your gifts. I don't know how long you've been constructing this piece, but I declare it has definitely convicted, humbled, transformed, and renewed my commitment to god as a servant. Kevin, I’ve wished to be under your wings of experience as an apprentice/student and hopefully work alongside with you, but through this book, I discovered the heart of a man who is about the business of god, to empower, & serve the people of his kingdom. well done, servant well done!! Thanks Kevin, I am committed to serve him!!

Monique Wrote:

"It's through tears that I write this. This book had me crying tears, of joy because it truly ministered to my spirit. It had me jumping and dancing for joy because it reaffirmed God's word for me, and the purpose He has placed in me. I have to thank you for your obedience to God in writing this book. I thank God that He blessed His people with a servant named Kevin Bond.

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