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Who is the real Kevin Bond? We know the studio, live and keyboard wizard but who are you away from that element?

I'm a family man with high regard for my wife and children. I'm also one in love with God and in relationship with his son Jesus Christ. Career is great but after all is said and done FAMILY is what matters most; and remember, before God instituted the church he instituted family!

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How long have you been playing?

Over 30 years now

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How did you get started?

I was raised in a musical family. My parents and siblings were musical. I was introduced to the piano in church and started taking lessons at age 11.

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When was your big break?

I was serving my fathers ministry and had the opportunity to play for a local group at Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar. I went and had the opportunity to meet Edwin, Walter, Tramaine, Lynette, and Richard Smallwood. Shortly after that engagement Edwin called me to tour with him on the road.

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Your playing style is very unique. It's so unique that many have adapted it into the own styles. How did you develop that style that has become known as the Kevin Bond style?

My earlier influences were those I heard while growing up in Chicago. But when I started playing very few of them would show me anything they knew. So I retreated to the back room of my parents home and sifted through all the gospel albums that I had at that time. In doing so I learned as much as I could from them but at the same time began to develop my own style. Being left-handed I started duplicating the chords I played with my right hand with my left. I found that that that freed my right hand up to venture into other chords and fills. The more I played with other musicians such as Jonathan Dubose and David Blakely, I learned to alternate rhythm and padding. There you have it. The secret is to become a student of the music not just a player of it. In other words learn to communicate with others while you're playing. Listen to the others youre playing with and allow your music to communicate back to them. Music is a conversation amongst friends. But if one dominates the conversation then everyone in the room suffers!

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What keyboards do you use?

Kurzweil pc88, MicroPiano & K2000, Yamaha Motif Rack & TX816 (8 dx7 modules in a 4-space rack) , Mks-20, Roland 5080, 2080 & 1080, Alesis QS8, Korg Triton and Trinity Racks, MPC4000

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Do you use a sequencing program? If so which and why?

I use the MPC4000 as one of my workstations. I used to use the 2000 but switched several years ago.
I love it because it sounds and feel great. It's an incredible sampler as well as sequencer.

I also enjoy working with Nuendo, Logic, Reason and Recyle on my Macbook Pro Laptop & G5 Desktop. I'm also enjoying the softsynths as well! I have a host of them as well as a ton of plug-ins to choose from.

But remember this, it's not the gear but the creativity that matters! So use whatever works for you on your budget. Just use it with all your might!

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Do you have a home studio? What gear do you use there?

Yes I have a home studio (Bonded Music Suite 7 Studios). I use 2 Mackie D8Bs, Protools HD on a G5 Desktop & LE on a MacBook Pro Powerbook & Mbox2 Pro. I use numerous plugins and outboard gear.

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What advice would you give to musicians with wives, or those seeking to settle down soon?

I would say to you that you should make sure that you're willing to share that platform with your mate. God will not and has not given them to you as a stepping stone, just to get YOU to the next levet, but as a helpmate. They will be able to help you get to the next level.

I couldnt go beyond my gig mindset until I got married and Toni (my wife) helped me see a greater purpose. It was then I started seeking more than just a gig. I developed streams and options. Streams of income from writing, producing, playing, and instructing. Not to mention I was still holding down my church job as well. I was then able to focus on doing all those things better instead of being distracted by thoughts of who I would hookup with after the gig was over. I had allowed God to fill that void and thus free my mind to be even more creative!

So if you're only seeking someone to help you with your sexual urges then you're on the wrong track. Seek them to help you complete your task, walk out your destiny, and do all that God has ordained for you BOTH!


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